Looking for a health professional that specializes in diabetes care and education and who will partner with you to successfully manage your diabetes? Add a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist or CDCES, formerly known as a Certified Diabetes Educator or CDE, to your care team. A CDCES partners with people living with diabetes and collaborates with the health care team. The CDCES has completed a rigorous process to attain certification and must renew certification on a regular basis.

CBDCE has provided this Locate tool so you can find a CDCES to help you achieve your goals. CDCESs provide the details about themselves and their practices or organizations. When you find a CDCES you'd like to reach out to, you'll contact them directly using the details they've provided in their listing.

To search by location: You can search using a specific address or city and state. See the steps below.
  1. Enter an address, i.e., 123 Example St, or a city and state. Possible locations will begin to appear under the 'Search by Location' box as you add more numbers or letters to the box.
  2. Select the address you'd like from the drop down choices. It will then appear in the ‘Search by Location’ box.
  3. Click on the “SEARCH” button and generate results. Results of the search are provided in map and list formats.
  4. Scroll down to view the map or see the list of results of the search. Clicking on the red balloon within the map will display the CDCES’s basic information. Below the map you will find the list of CDCESs meeting your criteria.
  5. Click on the individual listing to be redirected to the page that displays any additional details provided by the CDCES.
Filter your search: Using a filter can narrow down your search using information the CDCESs have included in their listings. Besides changing the radius of the search around the address you've chosen, you can also choose to search by populations served, focus areas, and languages spoken. Click on the "FILTER" button (next to the SEARCH button), pick your filters, click on the "Apply" button, and view your results on the map or list.  To remove any filters from a search, click on the filter button, use the "Clear all" button, then close the filter box using the "X" located at top of the box. 
To search by CDCES's last name: Enter the last name of the CDCES in the ‘Search by last name’ box, click the SEARCH button, then refer to steps 4 and 5 above.

Are you a CDCES who hasn't added your listing to the public directory yet? Do it today! For those with an active account in the CDCES portal, sign in, look for the "CDCES Directory" menu option to be able to add your public profile details. Haven't activated your portal account yet? Request a new invite.