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Karen Giese 
Proud CDCES since 1987

Why Karen Giese Became a CDCES 

When this certification became available in 1986, I knew it would be necessary in my career. I was already supporting many patients with diabetes. I wanted to be credentialed to indicate to other health professionals that I had a certification representing my expertise in caring for patients with diabetes. This credential goes beyond nutrition therapy and encompasses the entire person's diabetes management.

What or Who Motivated You to Become a CDCES?

As I was already working with people with diabetes and its related complications, it motivated me to obtain the Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) credential.

On Opportunities Provided as a Result of Holding the CDCES Credential

I was hired by an endocrinologist for my specialization in medical nutrition therapy and because I held the CDCES certification. It was my first job as a CDCES. It is now a requirement for many positions, including my current role. 

What Would You Say to Someone Who is Considering Becoming a CDCES?

I encourage health professionals, especially registered dietitians interested in diabetes care and education, to obtain this credential. It is essential to delineate oneself. The CDCES certification is well-recognized in healthcare. It indicates that you are a diabetes specialist and are qualified to make recommendations and assist people with the total care of their diabetes.

Share an Achievement or Special Moment You’ve had as a CDCES

I was awarded the Diabetes Educator of the Year in 2012 for our Local Chicago ADCES CB Chapter. It is very special to me, as I was nominated and then elected for this honor by my peers. I have made many friends over the years who have been invaluable for networking and friendships. There are so many memorable moments. It gives me great pleasure when a patient expresses happiness with achieving a goal, feeling better, and living life as they choose.

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Learn why leaders within diabetes care and education have chosen to support people with diabetes and further their own careers by earning the Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) credential.

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