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Sue Stewart, RD, LD, CDCES®
Proud CDCES since 2002

Why Sue Stewart Became a CDCES 

I can’t emphasize enough how proud I am to be a CDCES! The CDCES credential sets me apart from my fellow Registered Dietitians. I believe CDCESs need to promote their expertise to the diabetes community. We are passionate providers wanting to help fight the diabetes battle; we have the shields and weapons but, more importantly, the desire to help conquer this devastating condition. 

What or Who Motivated You to Become a CDCES?

A family member said he felt defeated, constantly struggling to deal with diabetes. He was embittered, referring to diabetes as a condition that controlled him. His battle encouraged me to find ways to empower people living with diabetes and have them take charge of their health. 

On Opportunities Provided as a Result of Holding the CDCES Credential

Being a CDCES opened many doors for me. I was a vital partner in having a new diabetes clinic become accredited. I was the subject matter expert in multiple hospital settings and as a Health Promotion Coordinator. Having the credentials and expertise has allowed me to work with other incredible healthcare providers to ensure quality care.

What Would you Say to Someone Who is Considering Becoming a CDCES?

Diabetes is an epidemic, so we need more experts to help deliver high-quality, patient-centered care. I strongly advise anyone considering becoming a CDCES to do research and make the commitment, especially if they want a
chance to positively impact the lives of people with diabetes and their families who are dealing with the condition. 

On Her Biggest "ah ha" Moment
One exceptional experience was when I counseled a patient with type 2 diabetes for many years and never had an opportunity to meet with a CDCES. His A1C was consistently above nine, and his physician increased his insulin administration each visit. We worked together for six months, modifying his diet, exercise, and medication. At the 6-month, his A1C fell to 6, and he no longer needed his rapid-acting insulin.

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