Learn why leaders within diabetes care and education have chosen to support people with diabetes and further their own careers by earning the Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) credential.

CDCES Stories

Marion Miano CDCES

Sarah Chapel
Proud CDCES since 2008

Why Sarah Chapel Became a CDCES 

I joined the exciting world of diabetes education in 2006 as a Registered Dietitian working in an outpatient endocrinology clinic. A requirement of this role was to obtain what was then the CDE® (now CDCES®) credential within two years. I learned about diabetes care and education under a very supportive group of experienced CDEs and endocrinologists.

On Opportunities Provided as a Result of Holding the CDCES Credential

My CDCES credential has increased my marketability by providing many speaking opportunities with local organizations to increase diabetes awareness and promote the benefits of diabetes care and education. The credential has helped to advance my career and provide opportunities to be involved with workgroups on a local, state, and national level. I currently serve as the Diabetes Quality Coordinator for an outpatient diabetes education program.

What Would you Say to Someone Who is Considering Becoming a CDCES?

I encourage anyone considering the CDCES credential to pursue it. The advancements in diabetes care and education, research, and treatments have grown significantly over the past several years. As the prevalence of diabetes continues to rise, there are endless possibilities to use the CDCES credential and be an expert in this area!

On Her Biggest "ah ha" Moment

Each person with diabetes brings their unique background, personal experiences, and challenges to managing their diabetes. I enjoy collaborating with people to support them as they make changes to better manage their diabetes. In the past, I worked with an individual who’s initial A1C was over 17%. She made several lifestyle changes and attended diabetes education. Within 6 months, her A1C was under 7% and could get off of insulin! She called to thank me for saving her life and working with her as she worked through challenges of best managing her diabetIs.

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