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Up for renewal in 2020?  

Online renewals are no longer available. The Grace Period Option for 2020 renewals runs from 12/16/2020 through 3/31/2021 and requires a paper application and CE support documentation. Visit the Renewal page to download the Grace Period Option Application.

CBDCE offers CDCESs access to online services to manage their credentials.

The Locate a CDCES directory has launched! Help people with diabetes and providers find you. Once you are in the portal, choose the CDCES Directory menu option and enter your professional details. You can choose to provide information on the populations served, focus areas, if you speak languages in addition to English, as well as a short biography. Don't forget to choose to make the profile visible before you save it!

Been certified for a bit? Have you activated your account on the portal? If not, you likely need a new account invite* to take that step. Use the Contact Us form to submit a request for a new one.

*Still need to activate your account in the CDCES portal, use our contact form to request a new activation invite

Just passed the certification exam? Individuals will receive invitations in the month following the date they pass the exam, e.g., Janine passed the exam and became certified on May 6, 2020 and Tina passed the exam and became certified on May 26, 2020; both newly certified individuals would have received their invite to activate their portal account in mid-to late June. The invitation is sent to the email address submitted with the exam application.  Use the Contact Us form if you think should have received your account invite.

Not a CDCES? Learn about earning the CDCES credential.