Reach the CDCES Audience

CDCES Statistical Data 

An annual count of CDCESs by state is made available each year at no cost (use button below). For 2024, the disciplines that make up the certificant pool include 43% RNs, including advanced nurse practitioners, 44% RDs/RDNs, and 9% RPhs (PharmD and baccalaureate), with the remaining 3% made up of all the other qualifying disciplines and unique qualification pathway certificants. 

Other requests for CDCES statistical data must be submitted in writing to CBDCE by mail or facsimile and must include a statement of specific purpose for which the requested information will be used.  Requests sent by email are not accepted. All requests are subject to approval by CBDCE and not available for general public use. Costs are determined based upon the size of the request and other factors.

There are a limited number of other statistics available.
  • A breakdown of the total number by zip code (with zip codes provided by you)
  • A breakdown of the total number by discipline/profession overall in a particular state(s)

Requests for Access to CDCES Mailing List

CBDCE offers the use of the email or direct mail list of Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDCESs) for organizations advertising their conferences, products, publications and services. All proposed mailings are reviewed in relation to current CBDCE Mailing List Usage policy.

  • Addresses are available for email or postal mail.
  • Telephone numbers are not available.

Review the most recent annual count by state (use button in section above) for a general idea of audience size.
Need to reach the CDCES audience? Here are the steps to take:
  • Review the Mailing List Usage policy and order form.
  • CBDCE requires pre-approval of mailings and is the sole judge of the suitability of materials. There is a required minimum 15 business day lead time to review/process list orders from the receipt date of order form and sample piece.

Requests for CDCES statistics and Mailing List Order Forms submitted by email cannot be reviewed. Requests must be submitted to CBDCE’s national office by mail or fax. 

If the rental fee for use of the mailing list is not paid by credit card, an invoice will be sent.


If you have any questions on CDCES statistical data or mailing lists, please contact us.