Your CDCES Record

Have there been changes to your name or personal contact information since you became certified or renewed last? It's vital that CBDCE knows if a CDCES has a change in name or personal contact information.  You can submit the update through the CDCES portal under the ‘Account’ section or complete and submit the Record Update form.

Newly Certified

Congratulations on earning the CDCES credential! Learn how to share the news, connect with CBDCE and other CDCESs, and let others know you are a CDCES! 


You must renew every five years. Please make a note that you cannot begin accruing either continuing education activities or renewal practice hours until the January following the date you pass the examination. But, it’s never too early to think about renewing your credential and to put a reminder in your calendar in January of the year your certification expires!

Renewals for the 2024 year will open July 15, 2024. 

CDE to CDCES Change

Back in early 2020, the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) credential transitioned to the Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES). If you haven't already had the chance to update your business cards, ID cards, email signature, social media platforms, and other materials, we encourage you to take that step when you have the chance!  Learn more about the credential name change. 

Retired Status

If you're a retiring CDCES, CBDCE would like to thank you for your service to the health care and diabetes community. Stay connected with CBDCE.

Mentorship Program

Being a mentor is personally and professionally rewarding. Consider helping a colleague obtain the DCE hours they need to become a CDCES.