IMPORTANT NEWS: The 2022 scholarship application window closed on May 15, 2022. 

Scholarship Program

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"Thank you to the CBDCE Board and Awards Committee for being selected as one of the 2021 CDCES Scholarship recipients! I sat for the CDCES exam and passed! Through attaining the CDCES credential, I have been able to expand the depth of my knowledge of diabetes care and education. I am excited to continue to work in the diabetes field and serving the underserved in our community."
Lisa Ramirez, MPH, RDN, LD, CDCES

CBDCE has established a scholarship program to support the journey for health professionals in the specialty and to encourage diversity in the pool of the health professionals holding the Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) credential.

Individuals chosen as scholarship recipients are provided with an opportunity to take the practice examination at no cost and apply for the Certification Examination for Diabetes Care and Education Specialists one time at no cost. Individuals have 2 years from the date of the award to make use of the award and will need to document meeting all current eligibility requirements for initial certification at the time of application for the Examination. The current value of each scholarship is $405.

Five categories have been established across a wide range. Between twenty to forty scholarships will be awarded in any given year. It is anticipated that four (4) awards will be given in each category. However, CBDCE reserves the right to award more than four scholarships in a specific category if there are not enough qualified candidates in other categories.

Individuals may apply for more than one category, but can only be awarded a maximum of one scholarship in any given year. Applications must be submitted separately for each category.

The scholarship program is for individuals who have not yet applied for initial certification. Apply today!

Meet the lucky 2021 scholarship recipients. 


  • Diversity & Inclusion - Includes health professionals that reflect any one of many aspects of diversity within the current certified population, including, but not limited to, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, LGBTQIA+ community, men, and individuals with disabilities. Primary criteria: Individual self-identifies by applying under this category. Provides letter of recommendation from supervisor or colleague.
  • Profession Expansion - Includes health professionals with qualifying licenses, registrations, or degrees other than RN or RD/RDN, e.g., ACSM-CEP, MSW or Unique Qualifications Pathway (UQP) candidate. Primary criteria: Individual verifies meeting a discipline requirement other than RN or RD/RDN. Provides proof of current qualifying license, registration or degree other than RN or RDN; or submission of transcript verifying the award of a degree qualifying for the UQP. Visit the discipline requirement page for more information. Provides letter of recommendation from supervisor or colleague.
  • Veterans & Active Military Service - Includes both health professionals who are veterans or holding active military status or health professionals currently working with people with diabetes in either population. Primary criteria: Applicant verifies holds veteran status or active military status or works with people with diabetes who are veterans or hold active military status. Provides proof below AND letter of recommendation from supervisor or colleague.
          For veterans or those in military service, provide proof of military service by one of the
          * Proof of military service forms: DD Form 214 or DD Form 215: Veterans
          * Military ID Card: Active Duty, Retiree, National Guard, Reserves, Individual Ready
          * Veterans ID card
          * Veterans designation on driver’s license or state veterans ID card
          For health professionals serving veterans or those holding active military status:
          provides a letter from their supervisor that verifies meeting this requirement.
  • Young Professional, under 30 - Includes health professionals who are less than 30 years of age with qualifying license, registration, or degree for the standard pathway or UQP candidate. Primary criteria: Individual verifies being under the age of 30 with a qualifying license, registration, or degree for the standard pathway or qualifying degree for the UQP. Provides proof of birthdate, e.g., birth certificate, drivers license; AND proof of qualifying qualifying license, registration, or degree for the standard pathway or UQP candidate. Visit the discipline requirement page for more information. Also provides letter of recommendation from supervisor or colleague.
  • Under-Resourced Population - Includes health professionals working with under-resourced populations. Primary criteria: Individual verifies she/he is working with under-resourced populations. Provides statement from supervisor verifying applicant is working with a under-resourced population AND letter of recommendation from supervisor or colleague. Under-resourced populations are those that receive fewer health care services, encounter barriers to accessing primary health care services (e.g., economic, cultural, and/or linguistic); have a lack of familiarity with the health care delivery system; and face a shortage of readily available providers.


Applications for the 2022 Scholarship Award Program closed on May 15, 2022. 

  • Before applying, have your letter of recommendation from supervisor or colleague ready to upload, along with any other documents as identified in the specific scholarship category.

All applicants will also need to answer these two questions as part of the application - maximum 150 word count:
  • What are your career goals and how will obtaining the CDCES credential help you to achieve them? 
  • What experiences in your life or career have been influential in your chosen goal choice?