Statement of Solidarity

Statement of Solidarity

Our hearts are heavy in this challenging time in society after the tragic and avoidable deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many other innocent people within the African American community. As your certifying body, our vision is that all persons with or at risk for diabetes receive education and services from CBDCE certificants. We believe strongly in the power of high-quality diabetes care and education for every person with or at risk for diabetes.

Recent events have shed light on significant racial injustices in our society and reminded us about the racial disparities in healthcare in our country. We are aware of the disproportionate rate in which African Americans and other people of color suffer from diabetes. We are also mindful of the inequities that disproportionately affect African Americans and people who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, the poor access to high-quality healthcare that these groups face, and the sweeping changes that are needed to improve these conditions.

We see you. We’re listening. We must do better.

As your Board of Directors, it is our duty to align CBDCE’s efforts with our stated mission, vision, and core values.

What are we doing now?
Our comprehensive and intentional assessment of board member applicants has enabled us to assemble a Board of Directors that represents diverse viewpoints from across the United States, both in terms of clinical and educational qualifications, as well as cultural and background perspectives. This leadership team encourages, supports, and seeks out CBDCE initiatives that promote diversity within the CDCES community.

What are we going to do next?
In the coming months, the Board of Directors will revise and update our value statements and build upon our strategic priorities to further incorporate diversity and equity. During our next Board meeting, we will have an intentional discussion on how to prioritize our diversity-focused initiatives, revise current efforts to be more inclusive, or partner with other organizations to align and enhance these initiatives. 

The problems contributing to racial inequities, including disparities in diabetes outcomes, are complex, as are the solutions. CBDCE is committed to condemning racism and injustice in all its forms and providing access to quality diabetes care and education for all.

Adopted in June 2020.

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