Use of Terms “CDCES Eligible” and “CDCES Pending”

From time to time, the Certification Board for Diabetes Care and Education ("CBDCE") is asked to review academic records, credentials, and/or diabetes education professional practice experience for the purpose of deeming an individual "CDCES eligible". "CDCES eligible" is not a status used or recognized by CBDCE. Evaluation of qualifications is done at the time an individual submits an Application for the Certification Examination for Diabetes Care and Education Specialist. Determinations of eligibility for certification by CBDCE are not made prior to receipt of an Application documenting completion of all requirements.

Eligibility requirements for certification change periodically. When this occurs, the progress of an individual toward meeting eligibility requirements may also change. To prevent confusion as well as preclude any use of such a term as a temporary or permanent alternative to certification, this status is not available from CBDCE.

Further, CBDCE does not recognize a status of "CDCES pending". Health professionals are either certified by CBDCE or they are not. After a health professional has taken the Certification Examination for Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, there is no certification status until that individual has received official notification of having passed.

Adopted 10/2005; updated 5/2020