Statement on Joining Professional Membership Association

The Certification Board for Diabetes Care and Education (CBDCE) encourages

Every Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) to become a member and actively participate in a professional membership organization. Such membership complements the credential and contributes to professional and personal development and to achieving a successful and meaningful career.

The CBDCE acknowledges that every CDCES needs convenient and ongoing access to information on current diabetes related standards, as well as educational, scientific, and clinical advancements. In addition, it’s important to network with fellow health professionals and explore opportunities to grow and develop in one’s career. A voluntary health association or professional membership organization that focuses on diabetes can offer such information and networking opportunities.

There are numerous professional organizations and associations in the diabetes arena that provide valuable and accessible opportunities at the national, state, and local levels for new and experienced CDCESs. CBDCE suggests that CDCESs assess their personal and professional needs and interests and join and actively participate in a professional membership organization that best meets those needs and interests. One should expect a professional membership organization to be a resource for current information and news and to provide opportunities to serve on professional boards and committees and in volunteer roles, interact with dedicated professional and lay volunteers, and support awareness campaigns and research and program fundraising.

Where to Start

Ask peers what professional organizations they belong to and what opportunities for learning, networking, and volunteer leadership they have enjoyed as a member of those organizations.


Although there are professional relationships between CBDCE and various professional membership organizations, CBDCE is a separate and autonomous credentialing organization, not a membership organization. CBDCE is incorporated independent of any other organization, with its own mission, bylaws, finances, and volunteer leadership structure.

Adopted in August 2017. Revised in May 2020 to reflect the change of the name and credential.